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I support my website through membership.

As a member, you've got access to a lot of cool perks. If you love my photography, you can get my Lightroom edits in the form of presets, learn to shoot and edit in the upcoming course and download a giant library of ultra-high res photos. If you love design, I post source files, archived work, merch and more here as well.

You can sign up for a membership here! Or, read on for all the perks:


I edit my photos with my own set of Lightroom presets, and I'll also be sharing my video 'looks'.

At the entry membership level, you get a single preset, and from there the two main membership tiers get you either a core pack of my presets (General and iPhone 15 Pro) or my entire preset library of 62 presets going back to iPhone 11. Presets include before and after images as reference.


I release one annual course to members. This fall, the first course will start.

Editing and Photography is my first course. It focuses on my process of photography, from shot to final image.

If you sign up, you'll start receiving an email a week before it starts. A small group chat of participants will help you connect and share results, questions and feedback. During the course, there will be opportunities to provide your own images you'd like to get edited that I might select for live sessions with all members.

At the end, you will have a new set of presets, the knowledge of process and photography to take great photos on both iPhone and larger modern digital cameras.

As a member you can also access my old courses: Icon Resource and iOS Resource. These now-vintage courses teach Photoshop-based pre-iOS 7 icon design.

Available to all members is a full selection of 149 5K wallpaper exports of some of my best photographs and wallpaper designs.*

*provided in JPEG format - but for those that prefer uncompressed images, you can email me for a PNG file (these are about 100 MB each).


I share some of my design source files and other miscellaneous downloads. I've made freeware icons and other things for about 18 years now — and I've gathered them all in one place if you are feeling nostalgic.


I am working on a more thoroughly maintained Archive page for nostalgic digging.


Both my company, Lux, and I do small runs of merch. These are usually fun posters, shirts, objects or small books. As a member you get (first) dibs on small production runs and discounts. Merch releases are sent to you by email and stay on the website as a member only post until they are sold out.


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