Introducing SDW Space 2 min read

Introducing SDW Space

A new website for sharing thoughts, process and files.

Well, here we go again.

Since the Great Splintering of Twitter, I've longed to have a place to express things a bit more completely. I of course write long camera reviews on the Lux website for my work, but I also used to write general camera reviews, design breakdowns, and assorted other commentary. You know, in... the past.

those were the days

I miss blogging — I really do! — and I've enjoyed others picking it up again. Check out Louie Mantia's short form blog, for instance. It's a treat to just... read stuff on someone's website.

This new website is more than that, though. I find myself curating and collecting things in a given week, then send it out to a few group chats or people. With this website, I should have a space of my own (pun intended) to share that on a regular basis, and send out a newsletter every few weeks.

On top of that, while I have been resisting it for a long time, it's time for me to offer up my work — from edits to design. This site serves as a place to share my process around photography, design and editing. In addition to plain old presets, that means... courses!

I'll be starting a course this fall, and you can sign up now with a Space+ membership. They're 25% off this month.

Space+ is a simple premise: you sign up for a year, and you get one course, a ton fo content like my Lightroom presets, 150ish 5K wallpapers, my old freeware icons, etc. — and access to all previous courses.

After that year, you retain access to your content. If you renew, you get that year's course, too. Simple!

Anyhow, welcome! Things are a bit sparse now, but I bet it'll be an eventful year. Plenty to write about. Come by again sometime, friends.


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