I’m Sebastiaan de With.

I’m a Dutch designer living in Santa Cruz, California.

I’m currently the co-founder and designer at Lux. We make award-winning apps for photography and video like Halide, Kino, Spectre, and Orion.

I also run a small design and photography studio, with a focus on motorcycles, technology and typography. You can see some of my design work here, and photography here

If you want to learn design and photography from me, check out my Courses & Downloads.

A while ago, I did design work for various companies like Apple, where I worked on iCloud / MobileMe and the Find My apps, as well as Sony, Mozilla, Oracle, frog design, Publicis, HP, and EA.

I also love giving talks about design — though I do it less frequently now that I’m a dad.

Besides my work, I love riding motorcycles, nature, hiking, history, nice things, reading, cooking and humanity.


Visit my writing space to read in-depth articles on technology, reviews of cameras and other products and more. Here’s some of my latest and best articles:

Looking for older writings? Check this post here for my old blogs and websites.


You can browse some of my photography here. I shoot mostly with iPhone + my own apps, but also Leica, Sony and various film cameras.

To see what I shoot with, check out my Gear Guide (membership required). I also post photos on Instagram.


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